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Rendering Equipment

Oman rendering plant for feather

This project 32000kg was supplied to oman ,and it’s the biggest rendering plant in there area, the most of equipment cover are made of stainless steel according to client requirement, it cooperated the slaughter line which we supplied for saving the cost and increasing profit..

16000kg feather and waste material of slaughtering in Saudi Arabia

This project was supplied to Saudi Arabia for 16000kg feather and the waste material of slaughtering in 2shift per day, we design two conveyors which one is for transport the feather, the other one for the waste(including dead chicken ,guts ,feet, and so on),all electronic control are made by plc in a cabinet ,ensure this realized process automation. Up to now, we are always upgrade it constantly.


Fish meal processing plant in Russia

This SF10 fishmeal project was built in Russia ,some of parts was made of stainless steel 304 for ensuring last the equipment life, we have make agreement for agent through this project delivered .it is suitable for making fish and shrimp to the powder.

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