Slaughterhouse Equipment

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In China, we are the first independent R & D and production of grading system company.The total can be divided into 12 stages according to the weight of the whole chicken, chicken size, high efficiency operation greatly reduced the labor costs of manual weighing  , the customers are very satisfied with our equipment.
Electric control box, this is a stainless steel electric control box of our own production, each box are with the emergency stop switch, used for emergency treatment, electric elements through the CE CCC certification, and with water-proof function.
Cage washer, 304 stainless steel body manufacturing, machine which has automatic water spraying function, and take the lead in using energy saving hot water spray head, save resources, ensuring the cleaning effect, and the part to pick up steam boiler uses the electromagnetic valve temperature control device, can realize the temperature control automatic efficient , temperature range can be freely set at 40 to 55 Centigrade.

Air cooling line compressor, the Compressor parts imported from Germany bizer compressor, shell is our factory's own production, the upper is provided with a fan and filter, favorable heat radiating performance, and effectively block sand blown into the body, can be the temperature from 40 DEG C in twenty minutes reduced to minus 4 DEG C. The two machines run alternately, you can also set the running at the same time, to achieve the highest efficiency of refrigeration.

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