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Poultry Processing Equipment Portioning Section

This portioning system produced by our company is semi-automatic system. According to customers' needs, we develop the following cut-up system:

1. Manual portioning of overhead transport line and belt conveyor combined cut-up system:

After the pre-cooling, chicken carcass is carried to the overhead conveyor line. After water dropping for a period of time chicken are put into the manual cut-up area. Workers will operate following  the separation order: pairs of legs, wings, chest and chicken body. Operators put product on the belt conveyor which is under the transportation line and then they are carried to the finishing area after completing. Workers stand beside both sides of the belt conveyor. Finally, The chicken body is processed only with neck and chicken skeleton.

Turkey processing equipment portioning line

  • Model No.:FPDJ

    Production Capacity:200 sets/year

    Delivery Date:1-2 months

    Brand Name:Toplea

    Material:Stainless Steel

    Industry:Food Processing Machinery


    Cut-up Belt Conveyor:Food-grade white drive belt

    Means of Transport:Ocean


    Processing Types:Meat





    Cutting Tool:By knife or circular saw c..

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