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Abattoir waste treatment Raw material crusher
Equipped with a variety of specifications of punched plate; meets the requirements of fishmeal particle

Equipment components:
Feed inlet, Spindle, Motor, Bearing, Broken blade

Working Principle
Fish meal enters into the crusher, which is made of sieve plate, from the feed inlet on the top. Then the material will be crushed by high-speed rotation hammer. During this procedure, the finer particles leak from mesh of the sieve plate and the larger particles remaining on the sieve surface will be crushed repeatedly until leaking from sieve mesh. All the processed fish meal drop down from the outlet to the spiral conveyor machine, which is installed to the material outlet of the crusher.

Rendering plant equipments Raw material crusher

  • Model No.:PS300 YT400 YT500

    Production Capacity:300 sets/year

    Delivery Date:1-2 months

    Brand Name:Toplea


    Inner diameter:Φ300-Φ500

    Connection:Spiral conveyor

    Delivery:30 days after receipt of de...

    Means of Transport:Ocean





    Industry:Fish meal plants


    Cutter:High-speed rotation hammer

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