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Chicken slaughtering equipment: Feet cutter (also named as feet cutting machine, hock cutter, hock cutting machine)

The feet cutter separates the feet from the hocks. With the hocks hanging in the slaughtering machine, then being separated by the screw knife that cuts the hock in to a shank and a feet. The hocks are cut of from the bird after the shank and feet are separated with the hock cutter. Feet still hanging in the shackle on the overhead conveyor line is transported to the automatic feet cutter. 

This machine is generally installed on the transmitted wheel at overhead transmission lines, suspension 
conveyor referred to the wheel rotation then drive nylon-guiding disk. When the chicken pass, feet is locked by nylon guiding disk. When it is transported to the blade of cutting machine, there comes the body and feet separation.

Poultry processing machine feet cutter (Islamic)

  • Model No.:QZJ-180/90

    Production Capacity:200 sets/year

    Delivery Date:1-2 months

    Brand Name:Toplea

    Materail:Stainless steel



    Industry:Meat processing machinery

    Means of Transport:Ocean

    Packing:damp proof

    Processing Types:Meat




    Capacity:500-13500 bph

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