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Scalding plays a very important role in the poultry slaughter processing. Because of unsatisfactory scalding process, a lot of problems can be caused such as ineffective feather removal, that can affect the quality of the final product.  

Roughly process: Right after being slaughtered, birds enter the scalding machine with a hot water bath where the temperature is about 58 degrees. The scalding time takes approximately one minute. During this process feather adhesion becomes lower, and then the de-feathering process can reach highest efficiency. Our clients need to purchase a steam boiler for the scalding machine as well to heat up the water in the scalder. 

The capacity of our company's scalding machine is 500-13,500 birds per hour. Scalding machines are generally designed according to customers' poultry processing varieties (processing capacity, scalding temperature and scalding time), to ensure a better scalding effect.

Chicken processing machinery poultry scalder

  • Model No.:QGJJ- QPLJ-

    Production Capacity:200 sets/ year

    Delivery Date:1-2 months

    Brand Name:Toplea


    Material:Stainless steel



    Means of Transport:Ocean

    Packing:damp proof

    Processing Types:Meat

    Voltage:220v /380V


    Steam Pressure:0.3-0.5MPA

    Industry:Meat processing

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