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1.Abattoir equipment vent cutter used in the poultry processing plants 
2.Labor reduce and production increased

Product Description and Feature

1.       It is kind of vent cutter , which is high precision, economical and practical, used for different kinds and shapes of poultry.

2.       Reduce Labor. Quick and effective cutting process without more labor can meet the requirements of poultry processing line

3.       Production Increased. The cutting size controlled by vent cutter, not operator, so that it can reduce meat waste.

4.       Reduce Contamination. Cutter can not only cut vent, but also take way dropping to ensure the birds' hygiene.

5.       Durable in use. Only need add oil on time and don't have to maintenance frequently.

6.       Competitive Price. High quality stainless steel cutting head make sure long service life.

Meat Processing Equipmnet Vent Cutter

  • Model No.:TP-VT

    Production Capacity:2000 Sets/Year

    Delivery Date:1-2 Months

    Brand Name:TOPLEA

    Working Pressure:2.0-4.1bar

    Vacuum Degree (min):50.8kpa

    Capacity:About 3000/hour

    Cutting Head Diameter:19--44mm


    Means of Transport:Ocean

    Packing:Seaworthy Packing

    Processing Types:Meat

    Drive Type:Pneumatic

    Power Consumption:0.16--0.39m³

    Gas Flow (Vacuum):0.16--0.19m³ /min

    Control Method:Pneumatic single board

    Cutting Head Length:22--89mm

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