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1.   Cooling condition: Chilled water outlet temperature: 7℃,inlet temperature 12℃, Ambient temperature 35℃

2.   Safe Operating Area: chilled water inlet temperature 9 ℃ → 20 ℃;

3.   Power system: 3P-380V-50Hz. Allowable voltage fluctuation ± 10%, allowing alternate voltage difference ± 2%;

4.   determination of the location of the noise from the hosts in front of two high 1.5, after about four-point average;

5.   Noise measurement position is 2 length and 1.5 height in front of the host, average of four points

6.   The actual lift of host is Pump lift minus the inner water head loss of the host (1mH2O=9.8KPa)

7.   Customized order can be accepted by us.