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1.Poultry Farming Equipment Combination-type Plastic Floor
2.Reasonable Design, anti-ageing and corrosion resistance
3.Grid size: 22mm x 40mm x4.4mm

Chicken Farming Equipment Plastic Floor

Poultry Farming Equipment Plastic Floor

Material: PP, Grid Design: 22mm x 40mm x4.4mm

Ageing and corrosion resistance, UV resistance; reasonable grid design to prevent chicken feet injuries; good loading capacity; easy installing and washing; long service life.

Thickness =45mm; comfortable, soft and skid resistance (good for chicken health and improves poultry welfare).

No sharp corners.

Reasonable design for surface net structure (easy for manure dropping, and the floor is rather clean during the feeding process).

Specification: 1000mm*600mm

Weight: 2700g

Chicken Farming Equipment Plastic Floor

Triangle beam and height-adjustable supporting feet

Triangle beam uses high strength and ageing resistance PVC material.

Specification: 42mm*120mm*6mm (strong and durable).

Supporting feet ca

Poultry Farming Equipment Combination-type Plastic

  • Means of Transport:Ocean

    Packing:Moisture Proof

    Brand Name:TOPLEA

    Grid Size:22mm x 40mm x4.4mm

    Triangle beam:PVC Material



    Product Feature:Reasonable grid design

    Production Capacity:300 Sets/ Year

    Delivery Date:1-2 Months



    Industry:Poultry Farming Equipment


    Triangle beam size:42mm*120mm*6mm

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