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1. Better ventilation and lighting effects
2. High degree of automation
3. Cheaper price
4. Floor saving and cost efficient;

Specification: 900*600*270, 900*600*230, 750*550*320, 750*550*280, 750*550*250, 750*550*280, 755*555*280

Application: farm, slaughterhouse, transportation contract unit to carry chicken, rabbits, pigeons and 
   other birds. 


A. Grid-like rectangular structure, cross pore on the bottom of the cage, good load capacity. Effectively protecting live chickens and rabbits from being scraped; rectangular structure is good for loading, unloading, and improving work efficiency.

B. Self-locking type, without screw fastening, easy disassembly.

C.Cage cover with push-pull door, unique rail design, easy to be free closed.

Instruction for use: more than 50 kg carrying capacity, about 12 chicken per cage, 10 layer stacked in transit, no deformation.

Hen coop Chicken cage

  • Model No.:740x550x270mm

    Production Capacity:10000 piece/ year

    Delivery Date:1-2 months

    Application:Farm, slaughterhouse

    Capacity:Above 50kg per cage

    Material:polyethylene material


    Means of Transport:Ocean

    Packing:damp proof

    Brand Name:Toplea

    Structure:Grid-like rectangular

    Stacked layer:10 layers

    Colour:white, yellow

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