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Tumbler used in the meat processing factory the meat absorb marinate uniformly, meat elasticity , tender and water retention and production improved,

Working Principle

Vacuum breathing type tumbling machine utilize physical impact principle ,in a vacuum state, to make the meat up and down in the cylinder in order to reach the massage and pickled and marinating effect, where the meat uniformly absorb the marinade and meat  elasticity can be highly improved. This machine has the function of lung respiratory making the product expansion in the drum to reduce the reciprocating motion, improve the meat organization structure, increase the section effect and increase the production. In addition, it can also enhance water retention and improve the internal structure of the product.


Under the vacuum condition, use theory of physical shock, to make the meat upside and down in the drum to reach the pickle effect. Feature: 1. To make the meat absorb the liquid evenly. 2. To en

Food Processing Equipment Vacuum breath Tumbler

  • Means of Transport:Ocean


    Brand Name:TOPLEA

    Production capacity kg/tank:225-300

    Vacuum degree:0.04-0.08

    Rotation (TPM):6

    Weight kg:About 520

    Processing type:Tumbling

    Production Capacity:10000 sets

    Delivery Date:1-2 Months

    Volume L:600

    Power (kw):2.25

    Voltage v:380

    Main Dimension (mm):1500×1020×1640


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