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Food Processing Equipment Smoking oven designed for meat , vegetable and fruit with function of baking, drying, cooking, cold hot smoking and cooling


    It has the function of baking, drying, cooking, cold smoking, hot smoking and cooling. Customer can flexibly choose the proper process, to reach the aim of curing and sterilization.

It composed of Cabinet, automated program controller, smoke generator and smoke trolley. The key components is perfect circulation system made from steam pipe, heat ex-changer and outlet channel. Under the function of two sets of circulation fan, the mixture of smoke and heat form a vortex area to make the mixed gas trough hanging meat with balance and uniform speed, to reach the objective of curing and sterilization.    1. imports of Japanese SMC pneumatic pilot valve control steam steam flow, temperature control accurate, reliable operation, the temperature of the entire cabinet temperature is less than 1 ℃.

Food Processing Equipment Smoking Oven

  • Means of Transport:Ocean


    Processing Types:Meat

    Production capacity:250kg

    High pressure steam mpa:0.1-0.2

    High pressure oven temp °C:<85

    Water pressure mpa:0.2

    Trolley mm:1000×1030×1980

    Production Capacity:10000 sets

    Delivery Date:1-2 Months

    Brand Name:TOPLEA

    Power kw:3

    Low pressure steam mpa:0.1-0.2

    Low pressure oven temp °C:<100

    Steam consumption kg/h:140

    Main body dimension mm:1350×1510×2600

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