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Designed for processing pinfeather of duck and goose after defeathering

This wax machine for ducks and geese is mainly used to pluck the small feathers on ducks and geese after normal plucker.The machine could be used as one part of the poultry slaughter house. It could also melt and reclaim wax after using. Made in stainless steel. Good working effect and is economic for using.

Product Feature

1. Melted wax automatically flows into the waxing tank

2. Wax is painted evenly on the duck and goose surface

3. Pin feather will be removed after cooled in the cooling wax tank

4. More waxing times can reduce manual work of pinfeather picking ( usually 4 waxing times in China)

5. Easy operating, high efficiency and low failure rate

Technique Parameter

1. Dimension: 2000×1000×800

2. Material: Stainless Steel Construction

3. 2 sets of steam heating system

4. With baffle board

5. Heat source: steam

Duck Goose Processing Equipment Waxing Tank

  • Model No.:2000×1000×800

    Production Capacity:300 Sets/ Year

    Delivery Date:1-2 Months


    Material:Stainless Steel

    Heat source:Steam

    Voltage:220v 380V

    Delivery:About 30 days after receivi...

    Means of Transport:Ocean


    Brand Name:TOPLEA

    Application:Duck or goose



    Industry:Poultry Processing Equipmen...

    Package:Moisture Proof

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