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a.  High Suspension Line in the Live Birds Hanging area.

There should be set darkroom from birds hanging to stunning. The orbit of the overhead conveyor line should be kept in horizontal and straight form. Try to reduce the times of turns and up and-down movement; The high suspension line should adopt synchronous control technology and emergency stop system, to ensure the production line running reliable and stable. It is necessary to use appropriate shackles, according to different kinds of poultry and different breeding periods. Smooth appease board used to keep poultry quiet and ensure the chicken meat quality.

b.  The Height Between Shackle Bottom and Ground

It is to ensure the height from the shackle bottom to the ground, according to the poultry breeds and Person's height in the north and south area. Normally, 1350-1400mm, for chicken about 1350mm, for duck about 1400mm.

copy of Meat Processing Industry Chicken Slaughter Equipment

  • Means of Transport:Ocean

    Packing:Seaworthy Packing

    Processing Types:Meat

    Material:Stainless steel 304

    Capacity:500-13500 bph line

    Damaged Rate:≤2%

    Scading Temp:58-60C

    Pre-Chilling Time:45 Mins

    Production Capacity:300 Sets/ Year

    Delivery Date:1-2 Months

    Brand Name:TOPLEA

    Application:Chicken, Duck, Goose and Tu...

    Defeathering Rate:≥99%

    Scalding Time:1-1.5 Mins

    Bleeding Time:3-4 Mins

    Air Chilling Time:60 Mins

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