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1.   Semi-Hermetic air-cooled condensing units (Bizer)

Adopt the Bizer hermetic compressors, the power is from 2HP~50HP, suitable for fresh keeping and cold storage rooms.

 2.   Semi-Hermetic Low Noise Condensing Units (Bizer)

Adopt anise compressors, condensers has large air flow and low rotation speed design, the power is from 2HP~20HP. Widely used in the supermarket refrigeration equipment.

 3.   Semi-Hermetic two- stage condensing units (Bizer)

Adopt Bitzer two-stage compressors, the power of single compressors is from 5HP~30HP, widely used in blast freezer equipments.

 4.   Multiple paralleled Semi-Hermetic condensing units (Bizer)

Adopt Bitzer Semi-hermetic compressors, the power is from 20HP~250HP, widely used in fresh keeping, cold storage rooms and blast freezer equipments.

5.   Semi-Hermetic Screw compressors at low temperature (Bitzer)

Adopt Bitzer Semi-hermetic screw compressor, the power is from 50HP~300HP, widely used in cold storage rooms

Cold Storage Room Condensing Units

  • Means of Transport:Ocean


    Category:Condensing Unit

    Brand Name:Toplea

    Temperature:-5℃--45℃ condensing unit

    Application:Refrigeration Parts

    Semi-Hermetic Low Noise Condensing Units:2HP~20HP

    Multiple paralleled Semi-Hermetic condensing units:20HP~250HP

    Multiple paralleled Semi-Hermetic condensing units (Dorin):20HP~250HP Dorin

    Production Capacity:300 SETS/YEAR

    Delivery Date:1-2 MONTHS




    Semi-Hermetic air-cooled condensing units:2HP~50HP

    Semi-Hermetic two- stage condensing units:5HP~30HP

    Semi-Hermetic Screw compressors:50HP~300HP

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