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Poultry slaughtering equipment air chilling line

Air chilling

Air chilling is to cool the carcass of chicken instead of chilling machine. It is cooled by condenser in the plant through an air chilling line transportation circularly, to ensure the temperature down. And it will remove some of water naturally from the chicken carcass.This processing machine will be designed according to the clients' requirement or slaughter house needs.

Carcass washer

During carcass washing birds are washed cleanly after manual evisceration. When the birds are transported through the conveyor line to the carcass cleaning tank, dirty things on the chicken body will be quickly washed away by sprinkler design (3 water spout), which is at the top, middle and bottom within the cleaning tank. Part of the water enters into the body cavity along anal or the neck opening. And dirt inside the body cavity will be washed away. Our company develops two kinds of carcass cleaning equipment (carcass washer) accordin

Chicken slaughter machine air chilling line (Muslin)

  • Model No.:DTCJ-I DTCJ-Ⅱ

    Production Capacity:200sets/ year

    Delivery Date:1-2 months

    Brand Name:Toplea

    Processing:Pre-cooling chilling

    Material:Stainless steel


    Industry:Food processing machinery

    Means of Transport:Ocean

    Packing:damp proof

    Processing Types:Meat



    Capacity:1000-13000 bph


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