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1.Live bird area ,key to poultry processing plants
2.Ground drainage slope of unloading and hanging area ≥1%
3.Illumination for hanging area: 50lux

Technology Design for Poultry Processing Plants Live Poultry Area (II)

1. Occupation Area

Confirm the occupation area according to the processing capacity. Generally, for poultry single line, each chicken is 0.2-0.25m2, and for duck and goose, adding 15%.

2. Basic Requirements

a. Water Supply and Drainage

Water consumption in the live birds area accounts for 6.5% of the plant. Water production for each chicken is 0.015-0.025m3, for each duck is 0.02-0.03m3. Basically per ton of raw meat should not be more than 5.8m3. Except for crate washing and disinfection, water can be used recycled, whose quality should meet the GB/T18920 requirement.

Chicken Processing Plants Food Processing Equipment

  • Means of Transport:Ocean

    Packing:Seaworthy Packing

    Processing Types:Meat

    Occupation area:0.2-0.25m2 (per chicken)

    Ground Drainage Slope:not less than 1% (hanging a...

    Unloading area illumination:5lx

    Slaughtering Room:below 30lx

    Waiting-Slaughtering Time:1h, 2h at most

    Production Capacity:300 Sets/ Year

    Delivery Date:1-2 Months

    Brand Name:TOPLEA

    Water Consumption:8--15L

    Bleeding Room:not less than 2% (ground dr...

    Hanging Area:50lux (blue light)


    Feeding Stop:12h

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