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Poultry slaughter machine: chicken stunner 

In order to improve animal welfare, water bath stunning machine is one of the necessary equipments in modern slaughter production line. It mainly uses the electrode pool and shackle with chicken feet. When chicken head is carried to the electrode pool by suspension conveyor line, at the same time the hook touch to the other electrode and form a circuit, to give chicken an electric shock.

Our company can provide common type and high frequency type waterbath stunning machine to customers. These two types can satisfy 300-13,500 birds per hour in the slaughtering processing line. The high frequency type not only reduces damage to the wings, but also decreases poultry bleeding point to improve meat quality. Both two types have a wide range of dimensions and specifications for customers to choose. 

Toplea's water bath stunning machine with minimal water consumption is energy saving and easy to use.

Chicken processing equipment poultry stunner

  • Model No.:SDM-ⅠSDM-Ⅱ

    Production Capacity:200 sets/ year

    Delivery Date:1-2 months

    Brand Name:Toplea


    Adjustable frequency:0-1000hz

    Material:Stainless steel

    Industry:Food machinery

    Means of Transport:Ocean

    Packing:damp proof

    Processing Types:Meat

    Voltage:220-380 V

    Adjustable voltage:0-110v



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