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1.Poultry processing equipment Fame type 
2.Mobile small type chicken processing equipment for 500 bph line
3.Plucking rate: ≥99%; Damage rate:≤2%

I. Technique Parameter
Application → Broiler

Average Weight → 2.0-2.5kg

Capacity per hour → 300-500 bph

Bleeding time → 4min

Scalding time → 60s

Scalding temperature →59-61 °C

Defeathering rate: ≥99%,Damage rate ≤2%

Chicken Processing Equipment Mobile Type For 500 Bph Line (Islamic)

  • Means of Transport:Ocean

    Packing:Moisture proof

    Processing Types:Meat

    Capacity:300-500 bph

    Effective Length of bloodletting line:10m

    Normal Speed of Conveyor Line:1.26m/min

    Scalding Temp:59℃-61℃

    Damage Rate:≤2%

    Production Capacity:200 Sets/Year

    Delivery Date:1-2 Months

    Brand Name:TOPLEA

    Bleeding Time:4 mins

    Shackle Pitch:152mm

    Scalding Time:60s

    Defeathering Rate:≥99%

    Scalding Method::Mechanical Agitation

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